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The Cast



Carl Ballantine (“The Amazing Ballantine”, McHale’s Navy”)

Kaye Ballard (“Mother-in-Laws”, original cast of “The Golden Apple”)

Ivy Bethune (“Get Smart”)

Pat Carroll (“The Little Mermaid”, “Songcatcher”)

Betty Garrett (“Laverne and Shirley”, “All in the Family”)

Harold Gould (“Love and Death”, “The Sting” and of course Rhoda’s father )

Justine Johnston (“Seinfeld”, original cast of “Follies” on Broadway)

Marvin Kaplan (“It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World”, “Alice”)

Jane Kean (“The Honeymooners”, “Pete's Dragon”)

Bruce Kirby (“Crash”, “Throw Mamma From the Train”)

Allan Rich (“Serpico”, “The Larry David Show”)

Connie Sawyer (“ER”, “Pineapple Express”)




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